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Are you interested in the experience of a lifetime?

Do you want to experience what it's like to be a musher? Or perhaps you would like to take a break from other work or school for an amazing work-away? Or perhaps you are genually interested in learning about sledding, racing and how to maintain, run and take care of a fully functional sled-dog kennel?

Our handlers get full heads-on experience and we will teach you anything you need to know. The season start from August/September and usually ends in May, but we are flexible on dates.

As our handler you will:

  • Get to train our dogs on a professional level 

  • Race your own team in a long-distance race (60-250km)

  • Join as handler on the Finnmarksløpet

  • Have your own private cabin, with electricity and water (shower+toilet)

  • Learn how to properly take care of the dogs, including nutrition, health and general care

  • Take part in various day-to-day activites

  • Learn to guide (optional, but gives extra income)

  • Have fun!

  • Join at least on week-long expedition up into the mountains at the end of the season

We take good care of our handlers, and we'll make sure you are fully equipped for winter conditions, and become part of our family. Our handlers are fully incorporated and have full access to the main house and yes, we have wifi (and Netflix).

In order to apply with us you have to:

  • Be positive - every day, the dogs will know!

  • Be able to handle harsh conditions all year-round, also in -30 degrees celcius

  • Be quick-thinking, and problem solving. Anything can happen when you work with dogs

  • Be work-minded, and understand that this is not a 9-5 job

  • At minimum have a car licence, trailer licence is a big plus!

  • Be okay with handling meat, you may not eat meat (and that is fine), but our dogs eat a lot!

  • Generally enjoy working with dogs, and be open minded, we are eager to share our knowledge!

If you are interested in joining us as a handler for the 24/25 season, send an email to: and tell us a bit about previous experience and why you are interested.

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