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Every year there will be puppies and young dogs in training with us to eventually replace the retiring race team members. Our breeding is aimed to improve the Alaskan huskies as longs distance sled dogs, and we also buy puppies from kennels and breeders that we think might fit in our breeding program.

This is an overview of our previous and current litters in training and puppies bought to join the Run Wild Team
Click on the names of the parents to see full pedigree!

The Gin's Vol I (2022)

Puppies sold from this litter:

Singapore Sling and Juniper

The checkpoints (2020)

Puppies sold from this litter:


The Gin's Vol II (2023)

Puppies sold from this litter:

Harahorn, Bivrost and Bareksten

The Mountains (2017)

Puppies sold from this litter:

Kvass and Keipen


Skutvikveien 152, 9055 Mestervik.
Phone: (+47) 922 36 227


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