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Midnight sun fishing

Join us for a fun filled evening of fishing the fjords around Tromsø, with highly experienced fishermen. Weather depending, we will pick out for you the best possible places to see the midnight sun, and increase the odds of catching. The usual aimed species are cod, pollack, haddok, red fish, tusk, halibut and wolffish. For the more specialized and experienced fishermen, we can also aim for salmon and seatrout. Our fishing trips are customized to the guests levels and wishes, and we welcome all from beginners to experts. 

A normal midnight sun fishing trip starts with pick-up in or near Tromsø at 8pm, where we then drive to our first fishing location. We will fish for a few hours, and your guide will prepare a warm dinne for you. After that, we will either continue fishing at the same spot, or drive to another destination to improve our luck. When time is up, we will drive you back to Tromsø. If you have caught fish you wish to keep (and it complies with norwegian rules and ethical fishing), we will fillet and bag it for you.

We guarantee that fish will be caught during our guided fishing tours (when not focused on specific species). 

Total duration: 5h


Pick-up in Tromsø or nearby

Fishing equipment

Warm clothing


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